Google Analytics Training

What is Google Analytics?


A website’s traffic and traffic sources are figured out by a special tool offered by Google, named Google Analytics. This tool tracks and analyses the traffic sources of your website. It is the most widely used statistical service that helps in measuring conversion and sales.While the basic services are free, premium services would cost you some fee.


  • Helps one with measuring advertising and campaign performance
  • Data collection and management
  • Restricted to mobile apps
  • Product integration (Adsense, AdWords, Google+, etc.)
  • A record of sales and conversions is maintained


Google Analytics is one of the most advantageous tools Google offers and is the most widely used free tool. It provides a very large set of tools to its free users, which is better than other paid tools.It helps you supervise your advertisements running on the web.It provides a helping hand while separating user base according to patterns found in the data.

After Learning Content Marketing
You will be capable to


After learning web-analytics, you’ll be able to setup a/c, goals, conversions, matrix and segments to fetch important data


Read and Track the content and working towards Content Development  with Content Promotion and Outreach and Measuring Success of Content marketing


After analysis, you would be able to jot down the key areas that require improvement and take corrective actions instantly, if required, to increase leads & conversion.

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