Google Webmaster Tools

What is Google Webmaster Tools?


It is one of the free services granted by Google and is an effective tool-set that is free of cost and helps anyone and everyone with a website to get a useful in-depth understanding for SEO purposes.It helps you with Google Search results since it oversees and maintains your site’s presence and aids in improving site’s performance. Webmasters may check indexing status and optimize the visibility of their websites through this tool.


  • Able to distinguish incoming links and prepare the needed backlinks
  • Identify relevant keywords that triggers your website
  • Aids you track broken links on your website
  • Allows you to reach your targeted audience geographically
  • Find top landing pages
  • You may also submit robots.txt to Google with the help of this tool


Any webmaster, who owns a website and wishes to monitor and improvise his performance, can use Google Webmaster Tools.We have trained people varying from entrepreneurs, marketers, developers, bloggers and individuals from various fields.

After Learning Google Webmaster Tools,
You will be capable to


After learning webmaster tools, you will be able to set up a Google Webmaster Tools account and be able to add your website and help you monitor it with the Tool.


Navigating Google Webmaster tools with an insight over the features offered and measuring them.Submit robots.txt to Google with the help of this tool and analyze your mobile site performance.


After analysis, you would be able identify issues regarding bot crawling as well as identify relevant keywords that triggers your website and find top landing pages for the website.

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