Importance and effects of SEO in Gulf countries

Nowadays SEO is more important for a website than it ever has and it is necessary to understand the true meaning of SEO. Search engine optimization is mainly the process and marketing science of helping websites and other properties to appear higher in SERP’S [Search engine result pages] for targeted keywords and time often locations. It affects the visibility of a website or a web page in search engine results and also helps the search engine find and rank your site higher than millions of other websites.

Features of SEO

  • Keyword optimization: With the help of keyword planner, gathers those keywords that have high search volume less competition and are relevant to business. Once you insert keywords at the pages of the website that you want to rank, build backlinks on these keywords from other sites of yours. You can also make an infographic and submit in directories and blog with your backlink.
  • Growing popularity of trustworthy sites: By the means of links, search engines can not only analyze the popularity of websites. Trust, spam, and authority are the most important characteristics of a website which are considered before analyzing the popularity of any site.
  • Link building: Trustworthy sites tend to link to other popular and trusted sites, while Spammy sites may receive very few links from trusted sources.
  • Engagement metrics: Search engine mainly measures the rankings of a result by observing how you engage with them.
  • User experience and content enhancement: “Content is the king of marketing.” Delivering an excellent content may enhance your website thoroughly, so make sure that the content should be original & skillful.
  • International capability: The international search engine including Non-US markets leaders such as Baidu, Rambler, Yandex, AUM, and Naver should be supported for a successful SEO program at an enterprise level.
  • Page level competitive analysis: To see the ability of your website on a search result, a side by side comparison of where your targeted landing pages v/s competitive pages rank for a given keyword is extremely important.

How exactly does SEO work?

  • Crawling: The software of search engine crawls all the web pages linked to a website.
  • Indexing: After fetching all the data through crawling, these pages are indexed in the database so that it can be easier to retrieve the information.

SEO in Gulf countries

The relative awareness of SEO in UAE is higher as compared to other countries in the Middle East. Google is a dominant search engine in Dubai. Yahoo and Bing make up less than 5 % of the total search engine market, so it is necessary to focus on the Google optimization and if it makes sense then optimize for Google or Bing.

Mainly SEO can be divided into 2 parts:

Both can be done on free of cost or you can pay and make it done.

  1. On page SEO: It mainly involves working on your website by putting relevant content, giving appropriate HTML tags, decreasing page load time.
  2. Off page SEO: Link building, managing crawls, using right keywords are considered as the major part of off page SEO.

Key effects of SEO

The SEO effects your business crucially through various ways:

  • It helps to Increase high-quality traffic on your website,
  • It also boosts your site conversion rates,
  • It thoroughly makes your website more reliable, scalable, etc.,
  • It also improves your website authority by improving its Domain Authority(DA) and Page Authority(PA),
  • Search engine builds trustworthiness, engagement level, and satisfaction of consumer,
  • It helps to improve & maintain the page visibility and ranking of your website,
  • It helps an easy correlation with the international market.

The importance of SEO in the United Arab Emirates

SEO is being considered as the most important process in any business to enhance traffic and page authority of your website. If you’re aiming to drive business through being visible on search engines than SEO is the only way to go. The SEO in Middle East countries has quite a significance but has somehow lacked in UAE, especially in Dubai. This is because earlier Dubai was paying attention to its infrastructure, but now the scenario has changed with many techs and business startups being opened in Dubai. Now the enterprises are opting for more and more services that can help them drive business or leads for their business., and the best practice for this is SEO i.e, search engine optimization, which can help you rank in top results on search engines.

It’s necessary to rank among the top results on a search engine as most of the potential customers never look beyond the first-page result of a search. In fact, more than 78 percent of traffic goes to the top results. This has made it really important for a website to rank on SERP from the business point of view. It’s evident that Google is the dominant search engine in the Middle East and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo combined make less than 5% of total searches.

Most of the website in the Middle East are hosted on a .ae domain, that does not mean your specific target audience lies in the UAE or the Middle East. A website can help you grab business from all over the world and to rank globally one must go for SEO services. There are several digital marketing companies in Dubai and UAE that provides services like SEO, SMO, SMM, and more. These companies with a little effort and right keyword targeting can help you rank on top of the search engine result pages, that will bring you more visitors and potential customers.

It is also beneficial to have your site optimized for mobile users as most search engines give priority to mobile friendly websites and this will help you rank above other competitors. In order to start with the SEO in Gulf countries, it is really important to do a thorough research on keywords, demographics, and location if you are a Do-it-yourselfer or you can always hire an SEO company in Dubai that can help you in achieving better ranking on search engines, thereby increasing business. It is advisable to opt for a digital marketing company services as it would save your time which you can use in planning your business.

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