Online Reputation Management

What is ORM and Why your business needs ORM?

ORM deals with the management of the esteem and rank an individual or a business holds on the internet. Quadrigo is a wizard in maintaining the perceptions prevalent about a corporate entity or an individual on the internet. We aim at handling your published web material regarding your company’s brand and your products. All the negative reviews and perceptions that could harm your entity’s reputation will be maneuvered by us and only the relevant positive content shall be promoted. We are well acquainted with the ways that would make you become more accessible and customer friendly with providing the apt information to the users.

Online Reputation Management is a measure every organisation and individual needs to undertake in order to maintain a clean image to the people they deal with. It helps in building trust among the community the business is dealing with and in maintaining their confidence. Companies experience grave challenges every day from their deplorable competitors. Attempts are made to blot the clean image of the business and hurt it by defamatory blogging on other websites. It is here that Quadrigo comes to your advocacy as such thing can be demolished with the schooled procedures of ORM.

Our ORM services include

Brand protection services

We shall provide a rescue to your brand and assure to providing furtherance to your business entity.

Reputation management program

We are adept at ministering moments of crisis when a negative online attack happens and attempts at defaming the brand. We shall stay regularly updated with all the online activities and won’t let you image yet hampered.

Business reputation management

Your honor and distinction is in safe hands with Quadrigo as we constantly endeavor to manage your business reputation by analyzing and influencing search engine results.

Net shield

above all, we will work sun up till sun down and armor your website form all the dirt aimed at it. A protective safeguard mechanism will be drafted so the chances of attack are diminished.

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